Getting started is often confusing. The very first thing you should do is contact and request a “Falconry Packet” from:

Missouri Dept. of Conservation
PO Box 180
Jefferson City, MO 65102

(573)522-4115 ext. 3266
FAX: (573)751-8971
[email protected]

They will send you the regulations, federal and state, and some basic information.

After that, the book most people use is the California Hawking Clubs “Apprentice Study Guide”. You can purchase it from Western Sporting and possibly get it from a library. The best books I know of, and what I used, are the “North American Falconry and Hunting Hawks” Volumes I and II. They are huge, cost $100, and have more information than any other references out there. They are often called the falconry bible because they have information that will be helpful through your whole journey.

Your steps are:

1) Read and Learn – There are tons of on-line resources and books for you to gather knowledge from.  The is one of the best.  Here is a flashcard site to help you also:

2) Pass your state test – Some people find a sponsor first. Some sponsors want you to pass the test before they commit to know you are committed.  Passing the test is a good way to show you are serious.

3) Find a sponsor (a big reason hunt with other falconers)

4) Build a mews and/or weathering yard and equipment

5) Get inspected

6) Obtain your license

After that, you are an apprentice.

If you are thinking of becoming a falconer please Contact Us and tell us a little about yourself such as name, age, location and why falconry interests you.