Mounting a backpack is not hard, but you do have to pay attention to detail.  There are videos online that can be helpful.  It is advised to have someone, that has done one previously, help you your first time.

Here are a couple links for help.

  1. The way I mount my own packs.  I have a ziptie slot at the bottom that others do not have though:
  2. Video showing how to install a Marshall pack:

Some thing to remember though, there are three main ways to make the cross:

  1. The Marshall way with stitching and glue.
  2. A square knot (easily adjusted later).
  3. Weaving each piece as in the pdf (hard to pull through, easy to change, less bulk than a square knot).

There are two main ways to connect at the back:

  1. Crimp like the Marshall packs.
  2. Square knot, then stitch through the knot, or put a zip tie to retain it, after making sure adjustments are good (can be days later).