Announcement for anyone interested in peregrine take:

0 of 5 taken so far, 2022

The trapping season is scheduled for September 20 to October 20 with a quota of 5 birds.

Any and all peregrines trapped must be reported to MDC Commercial Unit Supervisor Todd Houf by either telephone call, text message or email. If there happens to be more than 5 birds trapped, the timestamp of reporting will determine the which bird will be released.

I would also like to be notified of any birds trapped so that we can keep membership notified of the status of the season. You can choose to have your name shared or if you would prefer, we will just announce that a bird was trapped.

My contact info:

Larry Temares Jr
(314) 258-0612 ( text or call)
[email protected]

Contact info for Todd Houf:

(573) 220-3315 (text or call)
[email protected]